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Travel in Luxury and Style as you visit Dubai – Either you are visiting Dubai for Business meeting or on vacation for the enjoyment – Rent a BMW that gives you quite an easiness and comfort during your whole visit. Analyze the Rate of luxury car rentals companies and book the best price BME Rental company. You can lease BMW for a long and short time in Dubai from Platinum luxury car RentalIn the automobile industry, BMW is one of the most famous brands because of its groundbreaking innovations and technologies. Each manufactured vehicle boasts revolutionary features that are unique from other wheeled vehicles. Because of these features, people are lured to buy or rent BMW in Dubai.

About  BMW

BMW produces complete automobiles at its factories in Germany (Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg and Leipzig), United States (Greer, South Carolina), South Africa (Rosslyn) and China (Shenyang). BMW also has local assembly operation using complete knockdown components in Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India (Chennai), for 3, 5, 7 series and X3.

In 2006, the BMW group (including Mini and Rolls-Royce) produced 1,366,838 four-wheeled vehicles, which were manufactured in five countries.In 2010, it manufactured 1,481,253 four-wheeled vehicles and 112,271 motorcycles (under both the BMW and Husqvarna brands).

BMW Motorcycles are being produced at the company’s Berlin factory, which earlier had produced aircraft engines for Siemens.

By 2011, about 56% of BMW-brand vehicles produced are powered by petrol engines and the remaining 44% are powered by diesel engines. Of those petrol vehicles, about 27% are four-cylinder models and about nine percent are eight-cylinder models. On average, 9,000 vehicles per day exit BMW plants, and 63% are transported by rail. 

BMW manufactures its vehicles in various factories all over the world. Millions of vehicles including Mini and Rolls Royce under the BMW Group are produced almost every year. BMW Motorcycles are produced in the Berlin factory, however.

Rent BMW in Dubai

More and more people are lured by the awesome features and specifications of BMW vehicles. The four-wheeled wonder has proved its reputation since it became accessible to the public. People who want to buy or Rent BMW in Dubai already know the major reasons why BMW is such a good choice when you want to have your own four wheels.

And if you want to experience the amazing features of BMW vehicles, Lease BMW now from Platinum Luxury Cars – find your favorite BMW model from the best BMW rental company in Dubai. Check our fleet and rent BMW for a time being!

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