Rent Mercedes G63 in Dubai

Rent Mercedes G63 2019 in Dubai
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Welcome to the end of the world. The new G-Class is already there. It’s everywhere. Continuing the tradition of a vehicle built for the most extreme conditions. The G-Class feels different to the mainstream, particularly in places where other vehicles dare not tread. As if these places were just made for it. Join us on a journey to the holy grail of mobility.

  • Biturbocharged 4.0-Liter V8
  • 577 Horsepower / 627 Pound-Feet
  • 9-Speed Automatic
  • Four-Wheel Drive
  • 0-60 MPH4.4 Seconds
  • 149 Miles Per Hour
  • 5,500 Pounds (est.)
  • Avaiable
  • Rent full day: No . Rent Hour: Yes

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